The Information You Need

  1. Student grade and attendance reports are screened using the same expectations required to maintain status when an Academy major. These include 70% minimum grades and 90% minimum in-class attendance.

  2. Those prospective students with a complete application package who meet the grade and attendance criteria are invited to audition.

  3. When each prospect auditions, s/he is scored using an audition rubric. Scores are sorted from highest to lowest. *Faculty also score the short answer and essay submissions.

  4. Faculty determine the rubric cut score (eg. rubric total possible score of 50 - faculty may determine 35 is score that students must achieve to be accepted). All students at or above the score are accepted; this group becomes 80% of the incoming class of majors.


For the remaining 20%, we will start with the next student prospect according to the audition rubric scores.  We will complete a deeper dive into the student's application, and, if s/he meets two out of three of the special circumstances, s/he will receive an acceptance. We will continue doing this until we have accepted the next 20% or until we reach the score below which we do not feel a student will be successful at McCallum.

Special Circumstance Characteristics

  1. Student will be in the first generation of their family to attend college.

  2. Student is zoned to a Middle School where the official population of students who qualify as economically disadvantaged is 50% or greater. (data sourced from AISD)

  3. Student belongs to a racial or ethnic group that is underrepresented in the Fine Arts Academy compared with the City of Austin demographic profile.