The Fine Arts Academy accepts incoming 9th and 10th grade students who apply as an 8th or 9th grader.  In some specific circumstances, we may consider a student entering into the Academy as an 11th grade student (applying as a 10th grader).  In order for a student to be allowed to apply under this special exception policy, the student must meet ALL of the following criteria (no exceptions).  We do not accept new majors beginning in the 12th grade (applying as an 11th grader).  This intensive review is meant to ensure that the candidate is prepared to meet the rigor and expectations of the Fine Arts Academy program.


  1. Grade Level Eligibility: Must be a current 10th grade student.

  2. Residency Eligibility: Must be a resident within AISD boundaries upon application and remain a resident through graduation.  Proof of residency must be presented upon acceptance.

  3. Timeline: Application and audition timeline must match the regular annual prospective applicant cycle.  Applications for the special exceptions policy will not be considered at any other time.

  4. Grades: Grade reports must be submitted from the full year 9th and Fall semester 10th grade.  Students must have a minimum of an 80 or higher in major related classes and a minimum of a 70 or higher in all other courses on these transcripts.  Students must be able to satisfy all Texas graduation requirements as well as major course requirements.

  5. Attendance: Attendance reports must be submitted from the full year 9th and Fall semester 10th grades.  Students must have a minimum of a 90% in class attendance on these reports.

  6. Recommendations: As with all applicants, this student must submit three teacher recommendations.  However, 1 rec should be from an academic teacher and the other 2 must be from fine arts teachers (whether public or private).

  7. Behavior: Students must submit a signed statement of conduct or behavior summation letter from an Administrator at their current school from the full year 9th and Fall semester 10th grade.

  8. Resume: Students must provide an arts major-specific resume.  Content can include: performances/shows, exhibitions, competitions, awards, repertoire, group projects, community service, summer programs, etc.

  9. Other materials: Students must provide additional records and evidence of commitment to their fine arts discipline for work done beyond the classroom.  Examples are: private lessons taken, community or studio group involvement, competition participation such as VASE or UIL Solo and Ensemble, as well as any other form of evidence of commitment in their fine arts engagement.  Please provide additional references with name and email or phone number to verify this information. 

  10. Short Answer, as applicable: If the student has lived in AISD anytime between 8th and 10th grade years, they must complete the following:  In addition to the standard required application writing components, students must answer “What has inspired you to now choose to attend the Fine Arts Academy?  What changed or evolved in your experience and understanding to make this decision?”