• Date: 

  • Time: Register for your preferred time; available first come first serve

  • Day of Audition:

    • Secure a quiet and uninterrupted space for your Zoom audition.

    • Set up your environment and technology in advance.

    • Sign into your Zoom a few minutes before your assigned time.


  1. The classical guitar audition will be in the format of an approximately 10-minute live zoom audition. The video setting must be turned on, and Mr. Clark needs to be able to see the Right and left hand during the audition.   

  2. The applicant is required to perform one published classical guitar piece in standard notation; it need not be memorized.  

  3. The applicant will be given a sight-reading excerpt at the audition (shown through screen share).   

  4. The applicant will be timed for two minutes so that they may silently study the excerpt. They are then required to perform the excerpt.  

  5. Please read through the requirements below (also listed on the Academy website) to ensure you are prepared for any of the items listed there.

  6. An interview will be conducted during the audition to get to know you and your interests.

Website Requirements:

  1. Perform a published classical guitar piece that best represents the student’s current ability.

  2. Identify flashcards of all notes in first position, perform an 8-12 measure sight reading excerpt (common time signature, quarter notes and eighth notes, C major/ a minor).

  3. Briefly demonstrate free stroke alternations on treble strings (example: four quarter notes alternating I and M on G,B, and E strings).

For more information, please contact: Andrew Clark, Director of Classical Guitar,