• Date: 

  • Time: Register for your preferred time; available first come first serve

  • Day of Audition:

    • Secure a quiet and uninterrupted space for your Zoom audition.

    • Set up your environment and technology in advance.

    • Sign into your Zoom a few minutes before your assigned time.

Ms. Wiley has created a video to explain your choices for audition format. The link can be found below.  Once you decide which format you prefer, please contact Ms. Ramsay with your decision.

If you decide to attend your audition in-person, you will be given a phone number to text when you arrive.  You will remain in your car until a return text inviting you into the building is received. No other persons will be allowed into the MAC Theatre building due to our strict safety protocols, which Ms. Wiley explains in the video.  After finishing your audition, you will be asked to immediately leave the building so it can be sanitized for the next applicant to enter.

If you decide to attend your audition virtually, you will do so via a live zoom.  In this scenario, you will need to secure a room at your home or other location that is appropriate for the occasion (eg. quiet, uninterrupted, and adequate space to make your presentation).  Remember that the judges will need to see more than just your face to adjudicate your performance. You will need to provide your own piano.

Watch Ms. Wiley's video here: P.'s Video

Check out this amazing video!

For more information, please contact: Kate Wiley, Director of Collaborative Piano at


  • Perform two prepared pieces of contrasting styles (should be on UIL Class I solo repertoire lists or of equal difficulty)

  • Perform all major/harmonic minor scales (minimum two octaves in parallel motion); basic I-IV-V7-I chord progressions in all keys; simple transposition of a short melody with choral accompaniment

  • Sight-reading

  • Interview covering the applicant’s piano history will be included.