• Date: 

  • Time: Register for your preferred time; available first come first serve

  • Day of Audition:

    • Secure a quiet and uninterrupted space for your Zoom audition.

    • Set up your environment and technology in advance.

    • Sign into your Zoom a few minutes before your assigned time.

  • Interview:  All interviews will be virtual this year and conducted over Zoom.  Be prepared to answer questions on experience or interest in technical theatre and be prepared to show any applicable supporting materials (photographs, etc.), as well as discuss the short answers submitted with the application materials. 

  • Please choose one item below to create and submit, based on your primary interest.  Please have your submission ready to display over zoom during your interview and a minimum of three photos of your chosen project should be emailed directly to Ms. Vandenberg at two days prior to your scheduled interview.  If you have chosen the sound file option, then please email the completed file or a link to the file two days prior to your interview. 

    • Design and create a model of a set that would be representative of your favorite celebrity’s birthday party. 

    • Create a costume plot for your favorite play or short story with a descriptive paragraph explaining your interpretation of the characters and with either hand drawn sketches or a gallery of acquired images to support your design 

    • Prepare a prompt script a stage manager would use for a short play or musical including notations for set changes, sound cues, and lighting cues. 

    • Submit a 3 – 5 minute audio recording that is representative of your life.  Include audio clips from published music, sound effects and audio recording. 

For more information, please contact:  Kristin Vandenberg, Technical Theatre Director at