Opens Sunday, November 1, 2021
Due by  January 7, 2022

Faculty judges are looking for student voice and personality, enthusiasm, self-reflection, and growth.  Length: Approx. 6-10 sentences for each answer.  Parents should NOT write any part of this component with and/or for the student.  

Here are the prompts for the Short Answers:

1. What other subjects, disciplines, or activities do you enjoy besides your area of primary interest in the fine arts? Why?

2. What prior arts training, performances, or exhibitions have you participated? Briefly explain your role in these activities and why the experience was valuable. [Examples might include: summer art camp, community theatre, private lessons, or local community fine arts group. If you are applying to Dance, list dance studios, what dance you have studied, and how many years you studied.]

3. What recognitions have you received for special projects and/or activities in fine arts or academics?

4. Describe your commitment to remaining a Fine Arts Academy major for the next 4 years even if your interests evolve or you encounter challenges.

5. Describe your personal traits and goals. What character traits do you have that will demonstrate your ability to meet the challenges, thrive, and contribute to Academy culture all the way through

to graduation?