Opens on November 1, 2021
Due by January 5, 2022

  1. Your teacher recommendations can only be submitted through the AISD Intent to Apply process. 

  2. You are required to have a total of 3 teacher recommendations. The purpose of the recs is to give us a better idea of the qualities you possess in addition to your talent and skill.

  • ONE rec must be from your current or last school year's Fine Arts teacher. You may use a school teacher or a private instructor. *Tip – If you have a choice, consider using the person you have known the longest or have the strongest relationship. The Fine Arts teacher does NOT need to be from the fine arts discipline to which you are hoping to major.

  • Your other TWO recs must be from the following: either your current or last school year's English Language Arts teacher OR your current or last school year's Social Studies teacher AND either your current or last school year's Math teacher OR current or last school year's Science teacher.

  • If you are applying to more than one AISD program, be SURE you are selecting who will complete your recommendation based on what type of teacher each program requires. Only 3 recs are able to be collected by the AISD Intent to Apply system.

3. Here are the steps for requesting the three teacher recommendations.

  • Before Thanksgiving break at the latest, you should have determined which teachers you would like to complete a recommendation for you. Do not delay in completing the remaining steps below to ensure teachers have ample time to complete the rec for you by the January 22nd deadline.

  • The student should have a polite and respectful in-person conversation with each of the 3 teachers that they wish to receive a recommendation to convey her/his interest in attending the Fine Arts Academy and to ask if the teacher could complete a recommendation for her/him.

  • Please do not submit a teacher’s email address without discussing it with that teacher first. You risk getting a poor recommendation from the teacher.

  • Here is a sample conversation starter: Mr. or Ms. Teacher, I would like to ask if you would fill out a McCallum Fine Arts Academy recommendation for me. Here are some reasons I believe I have earned a good recommendation – state reasons. The recs must be submitted by January 22nd. Thank you.

  • The student should communicate to the teacher that they (the teacher) will receive an email from AISD with a link to complete a recommendation for the student. Be sure to tell the teacher that the deadline to submit the rec is January 22, 2020 but CAN be submitted any time in advance once the emailed link is received.

4. The parent should collect the email addresses from the 3 teachers. The email addresses will then need to be entered during the AISD Intent to Apply submission. Inaccurate email addresses will delay the recommendation.

5. Do NOT submit more than the required three teacher recommendations. Extra submissions will be discarded.