• Date: 

  • Time: Register for your preferred day and time; available first come first serve

  • Day of Audition:

    • Secure a quiet and uninterrupted space for your Zoom audition.

    • Set up your environment and technology in advance.

    • Sign into your Zoom a few minutes before your assigned time.

Thank you for submitting your application materials for admission into the McCallum HS Fine Arts Academy.  Your next step is to submit examples of your work using our Google Slides template by Monday February 8, 2021 by 10 pm (firm deadline). 

This year, because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we will be viewing all artwork examples through individual Google Slide submissions.  Please follow the guidelines for submission and meet deadlines.  Google forms will send you a receipt when we receive your portfolio.   

What to do: 

  1. Begin the portfolio submission process by uploading artwork examples to our PowerPoint template:  Click here for Google Slides template 

  2. Follow instructions on the template and be sure to save your PowerPoint presentation.  Make sure to title your PowerPoint presentation with:  Student’s Last name, First Name- Art Portfolio 

  3. Video instructions for how to submit your PowerPoint slide portfolio can be found on a slide in the template.

  4. Submit your completed portfolio google slide presentation to THIS LINKED GOOGLE FORM.  You will receive an automatic response saying you submitted successfully.

  5. The Academy office will notify you about scheduling your online interview.  Visual Arts faculty will review the work in the PowerPoint portfolio submission.  The ZOOM link will be provided before the interview.  

For more information, please contact:  Bill Cauthern, Visual Arts at

Portfolio of MINIMUM 12-15 art pieces to include:

  • A realistic self-portrait with shading

  • 3-D art (i.e. sculpture, ceramics)

  • Drawings from observation (i.e. still-life, landscape, figure drawing, a pet)

  • Examples of work from your middle school art classes, including 2D and 3D work

  • Artwork and creative pieces completed outside of the school setting