>>RESIDENCY/ TRANSFERS: Any student who resides in AISD boundaries but is NOT zoned to attend MAC for high school will need a transfer to attend.  


  1. The student must live in the AISD residency zone and maintain AISD residence until graduation.

  2. Where a student attended middle school does not impact in any way her/his ability to acquire a transfer.  No automatic transfers are given for prior attendance at any middle school.

  3. If the student is MAC zoned (and not another AISD high school), then whether s/he is accepted or not, s/he will attend MAC.  No transfer is required.

  4. If the student is NOT MAC zoned, then they have to have a transfer to attend.

  5. Types of MAC transfers:

    1. AISD employee transfer

    2. Curriculum transfer

      1. This transfer is only obtained through acceptance into the Fine Arts Academy.

      2. After acceptance is reported from the Academy Office, this transfer is done through the district office, Student Services, automatically.  No action is required from the student.

      3. A curriculum transfer supercedes any previous transfers received, and, therefore, any other transfer obtained at any time will be removed.

    3. NO other transfers are available to attend McCallum


  • All accepted students are automatically provided a curriculum transfer, if they are not currently zoned for McCallum High School.  A separate transfer form is not necessary.

  • Acceptance into this program will supersede any other transfer.

  • If a student receives Special Education services, there may be a review by the Special Education Department to ensure that the student’s needs can be met at this campus.  Final acceptance is contingent upon this review. 

  • FDA Regulation: